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September 11, 2004

windows to lock out gadgets

The upcoming version of windows will have a new feature--plug and play extensions, which can be used to lock out certain coomputer peripherals. Your USB memory dongle, cameras, mp3 player, iPod, or cellphone could be locked out by your boss. or M$. or a malicious hacker. Or by you by accident.

The idea is to keep information on a bizniz computer on it, and not wandering as some industry anal-lists think is happening. Most people can't program their VCR's, let alone figure out how to use an iPod or cellphone to store data, and the rest of us simply email sensitive information to the Soviets. Oh wait, they're gone...well I guess industrial espionage is a huge bizniz. Yup, or they don't call them control freaks for nothing. Meanwhile almost all computers are sold with CDROM burners, which are really handy for swiping data. or taking your business report to the printer.

Or holding a coffee cup.

"Intel, for example, used to check the bags of employees, but eventually such searches became impractical. With roughly, 80,000 employees, the company found it didn't have the resources to prevent against someone putting files onto a flash drive or iPod, a representative said."

(Disclaimer: a member of my family works for Intel Corp. that family member has never been searched when entering his office building. that family member, like most managers at Intel Corp takes his laptop home with him every night--by far the best way to remove data from a bizniz, and one not commented on by the laptop toting anal-lists. It's not really about data theft, is it? It's about Control. And killing the iPod.)

Posted by parody at September 11, 2004 06:07 PM

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ya know lawyer may be scum but we rarely search each other or our employees, unless it done for kink

Posted by: Oakey at September 13, 2004 01:08 PM

Shh. . . don't let word get out, or people will think we're actually humane (no employee searches or piss tests, no NDAs, health insurance, somewhat higher staff salaries to compensate for stress, shameless pirating of each other's "intellectual property", etc.)

The control freak engineers have had their ascendancy, and they prefer to blame us for the control freakery. Don't disabuse them.

Posted by: GS at September 13, 2004 05:49 PM

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