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September 10, 2004

it's not security


(from WBEZ)

i hate the term security camera (they don't provide security, usually don't even provide recordings, they introduce blindpots and laxity, are easy to bypass/deactivate/wreck/avoid and most importently introduce a single point of failure into the system). Today Mayor Richard Daley, in a move to make us all feel good, has anounced that more security cameras will be installed in chicago, as well as a system tyoing together public and private secter security cameras relaying the feeds to the police, the 911 center and "building owners."New software will also be introduced to auto-magically determine if a crime has been performed.

(i heard this morning 2000 more cameras were to be introduced-the articles contradict this NBC says we already have 2000, USA Today says it will bring the total to 2000, the Suntimes says 2250)

First off, this means any 15 year old script kiddie will be into the system as soon as it's up--which means the bright crooks and stalkers will be looking for geeks ;-) you don't have any privacy, and as recent cases in LA have proven, the public servants in charge will abuse the info gathered.

Second, as the repeated failures of the face matching software used at some airports have proved, the software will give lots of falsh positives. It's almost impossible to get AI and expert systems to give good results. Expect lots of false positives from the human operators (public and private) and the software. Expect the false ppositives to cost a lot in legal expenses and settlements.

Here's the Chicago Survelliance camera mapping project
which maps the loop. I've been told there is one at racine and the viaduct as well. Start mapping the hood, kids.

Writing this off as only criminals need worry is a bad idea--ask the english, who live under the largest web of cameras in the world, and whose crime rate has risen for the last ten years. go look up the definition of repression.

to usa today article.

to Sun Times article (with acompanying article on how $73000 of cameras on busses netted $19000 of tickets, and are deemed a great success-- i suspect money is the root of part of this), link to AP/Sun Times article.

Posted by parody at September 10, 2004 11:12 AM

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This shit is creepy as hell. We don't really have any legal right to privacy or anonymity in public places, but this is just awful policy.

Yeah, they are in our hood, allegedly to keep an eye on "gang bangers." "Law-abiding citizens have nothing to fear." Yeah, right. . . fucking voyeur control freaks.

Posted by: GS at September 10, 2004 01:38 PM

Yesterday at 3.00EST 50% of the funding for section8 housing was cut. this was by exeuctive order of our exalted follower. this is nationwide.

i seem to remember a french queen who had her head cut off over a" let them eat bread" comment.

why is no one screaming?

Posted by: little Richard...the younger at September 11, 2004 02:30 PM

Never heard that richard it is something to be pissed aobut. DO you have any sources?

Posted by: Oakey at September 14, 2004 05:37 PM

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