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September 05, 2004

wedding in a nutshell


This was one clever wedding. The tables were identified by famous old movie actor's and sctress' photos, not numbers. The napkin rings were cookie cutters. the guest book was a old timey movie poster of Karey and Ben, "A night in Chicago, a lifetime of Love." The bridal party presents were engraved geektools. The bridesmaid got licked by the bride during the photos. Just on a chotzky and accoutrement scale this wedding was a Ten.

The food at the reception was eh, bordering on eccch.

The wedding cake was the best I ever had--much better then the one Quenttin's dad made for Q&M's wedding. Far better. Amazingly better. I knocked off a four by eight inch chunk last night and went into shock, followed by convulsions and hallucinations which lead to the best 9 hours of sleep i've ever had.

The various musics were good (The Castle Kids, MS. Chris and Bob in particular were great--and Bob got a new guitar strap special for the wedding).

The wedding was held at the Deer Path Inn in charming Lake Forest(TM), where entitlement grows faster then your lawn. Both the town and the Inn gave me the creeps, with everything in the town going for the olde english village shoppe look, and the Inn trying to be both mock tudor and mock kraut. Plus, every room and hall in the Inn was up or down at leaast 5 stairs from where you were. It's the kind of narrow halled rats warren that perfect for 7 year olds to play in and explor, and hell on fat old farts knees and hips.

The pacing of the reception was weird. I've never done a wedding with so much get up sit down dance between the courses as this. must be a modern thing, or my memory has gaps.

My only other comments are kids refuse to stay kids, and knees refuse to function under heavy load.

So I've managed to tell you everything and nothing about it. Sorry you weren't there. It was great.

Todays brunch slash open house at the Stoltz's was wonderfull as well.

Posted by parody at September 5, 2004 07:14 PM

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"engraved geektools"

Nice touch, guys.

Posted by: GS at September 7, 2004 01:35 PM

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