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April 28, 2003

missing everything

all weekend i've been trying to get to certain webpages and blogs to no avail. pages by people from seattle to westchester county, from research triangle park to austin texas. these pages weren't just unavailible through my dialup/cellphone, but not there on ameritech, Covad, Speakeasy or attbi networks. not a local DNS problem. at the same time att cell phone service turned into att answering machine service without notification. all of which made a prepaid project i was working on turn into a all weekend affair. my paranoid little mind worked overtime coming up with linkages and extrapolations. the webpages turned out to be all hosted by cornerspace, who was knocked offline by their hosting provider for violating their AUP by providing shell acounts. these shell acounts were being used to run "illegal" port scanners--cron jobs looking for updated RSS feeds. interestingly, you could about your web page being down at the cornerspace blog, which is hosted offsite at blogspot. still no word why att cell services were fucked up. probably martians.

there has been a request for a fejworld blogroll. this will be set up as soon as i get movable type patched with some new plugins. it may not be on the main page. i will however repeat that if you read BoingBoing you don't have to read ffejworld.

i missed the De Corps Burlesque Tartare fashion show sunday, there are two more coming up may 3rd, 8pm and 10pm at the Hideout. Dante's Voodoo Caberet performed sunday, Viva La Stace will spin next week.

saterday was Neil's garage sale, which i missed. sorry Neil.

sunday also marked two monumental dumps taken within hours of each other at separate locations by sperate photographers. and it was international pinhole photography day. and Jim Newberry's garage sale.

the lack of sleep and over abundence of stress this weekend finally caught up with me. i crashed hard today. i still feel like a soccer ball at a world cup game. and look like a pile of corroded batteries.

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